Basingstoke Metal & Vehicle Recycling

We offer the best prices for all vehicles in and around Basingstoke, we purchase vehicles no matter their condition – even if they don’t run. We also buy commercial vehicles (vans, trucks, etc.) and motorcycles (mopeds too!).

We’ve been working in the industry for over a decade and we’re proud to offer a fantastic service and price for our local residents like you. Our expert licensed drivers are polite and punctual, we never haggle on price and we’ll even take care of the DVLA paperwork.

Our service is convenient and practical, our around the clock team are here to help you with whatever queries you have and our instant online vehicle valuation will offer you a guaranteed quote. You don’t need to post anything to us, you don’t need to spend hours on the phone, just fill in the form and get started.

Covering the whole of Basingstoke and further afield we have grown our business organically, we’re environmentally friendly and work with local drivers and try to ensure any vehicle we collect does as few ‘haulage’ miles as possible. We work with local environmental agency approved facilities to minimise our carbon footprint and provide you with the most competitive quote.

The local team is here to help, from initial quote all the way through to after sales support. Our customers have given us many five star reviews and accommodations and we couldn’t be prouder of the team. Give them a try, we guarantee they’ll get you a great quote for your scrap or damaged vehicle.

Beware of the bandits

Unfortunately, the scrap industry like any industry is plagued by the occasional bad egg… one or two rogue scrap collectors can make the rest of us look bad. However bandits just aren’t limited to the basics of under valuing, some have even gone to the extent of stealing a vehicle, or outright taking advantage of their customers. We’ve always risen above these shady practices, cutting ties with any collector that attempts this. As such our business model is slightly different. We ask for a few more details and offer a complete guaranteed quote – no haggling on your doorstep. We also don’t make you deliver and offer free collection. We’re flexible and friendly and you can be sure you’ll have a great experience with our team.

There are a few warning flags to watch out for when you’re selling your scrap or damage vehicle, but the most prominent of these is if they offer to pay you in cash, whilst we occasionally use cash in our wording and promotional material, we will only ever pay you by instant bank transfer or cheque. It is illegal to be paid by cash for a scrap vehicle and any scrap collector offering you this is breaking the law and you should steer clear of them. If in doubt please give our team our call, we’d be happy to help you and provide advice.

How do I scrap my car in Basingstoke?

With over a decade of experience in buying scrap and damaged cars we’ve refined the process and made it even easier for you to recycle your vehicle:

  1. Fill in the form above or call us for an instant, guaranteed quote for your scrap or damage vehicle.
  2. Accept the quote on the phone or from the online form
  3. You’ll be contacted to arrange the best time for collection
  4. Receive an instant bank transfer payment into your account on collection.

What if my vehicle is damaged or doesn’t run?

Don’t worry, we’ve collected thousands of damage cars and offer a fantastic price for them. We even collect Cat C or D cars – no matter what the damage we’ll give you a fantastic quote. Our agents can help you if you have more specific requirement, just give the Basingstoke office a ring on the number at the top of this page.

We don’t just specialise in buying scrap cars either, your car may still have plenty of life in it, and if it does then it’s potentially worth significantly more than it’s scrap price. If you car can be returned to the road we have local buyers in Basingstoke we work with who may be able to return your vehicle to a roadworthy condition and will offer you a great price for it. Get started today by getting a quote, just fill out one of the scrap my car forms on this page or give our team a ring.